About Us
Specializing in Heavy Engineering Construction The staff of
Diablo Contractors, Inc. has been directly involved in over 100
Heavy Construction projects in California during the past 30
years. These projects included Water Treatment Plants, Mass
Transit, Underground, Bridges, Concrete Structures, Sewer
Treatment Plants and Foundations. Diablo Contractors, Inc was
started in 1997. Since that time DCI has experienced steady
growth in personnel, volume and construction assets.

Licenses Held:
Diablo Contractors, Inc. holds the following California License
A General Engineering, B Building
C-10 Electrical (general)
HAZ (Hazardous Substance Removal Certification)
Diablo Contractors, Inc.

7 Crow Canyon Court
Suite 100
San Ramon, California
Phone: 925-552-8250
Fax: 925-552-8254